McAfee Antivirus Review

McAfee is a reputable name in digital protection. Its software provides all the necessary features. Its basic Antivirus package, Internet Security, and Total Protection packages are extremely efficient in detecting malware and viruses on your PC as well as mobile devices. Customers also praise its iOS and Android apps. To increase security, you can use Windows Hello or a fingerprint sensor, or set up other devices to authenticate when you enter the door of your home network, and then encrypt data and files stored on your device with McAfee’s password manager.

All of the features we tested were working well. The speedy scans took only eight minutes to identify attacks on areas where viruses are known to infest like the system files or registries. The full scans took slightly longer however, they were shorter than average in the field.

The antivirus itself is easy to navigate and uses a clean interface with all functions carefully grouped into their own tabs for convenience. The Tracker Remover feature is especially helpful, deleting cookies and temporary files that can eat up space and potentially provide hackers with sensitive information. Unfortunately, accessing some of the most important features, such as parental controls and identity theft protections, requires you to log into a separate online dashboard.

Twitter and Facebook are the only means to contact customer support. Email or phone are not available. You can also discover solutions to common issues with the comprehensive troubleshooting guide and a comprehensive FAQ library. If you’re looking to get the most customized tech assistance you can use McAfee’s Techmaster concierge service to receive one-on-one support for your device, computer and other technologies.






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