How to Prepare a Presentation for the Board Meeting

A presentation for the board meeting differs from a typical presentation because of the time pressure and the requirement for unanimity. Board members are among the most crucial people who are involved in the success of a company, so their decisions affect the entire the business. To make the best decision they must have all the relevant information in the shortest amount of time possible, while taking into consideration all risks. It’s therefore important to know what the board is trying to achieve and to ensure that your message is focused on that end.

Put your key data in context. It isn’t enough to just talk about the conversion rate for the latest product. You have to show the board how it compares to industry averages or expectations. If the board can draw right conclusions from the data they’re seeking, it will be much easier for them to accept your suggestions or vision for the future.

Before you present to the audience, spend some time learning about their backgrounds and the kinds of issues they are interested in. This will allow you to anticipate the questions they might pose and incorporate them into your presentation or come up with a thought-out answer to an open Q&A session at the end of your presentation. I’ve seen presentations in which the presenter attempted to guess the answer to the question. If they answered wrong, it could affect their credibility.






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