The Board Meeting Agenda – The Foundation For a Successful Board Meeting

The agenda of an agenda-driven board meeting is the foundation for a productive and successful board meeting. The agenda will outline the topics that will be debated by the board as well as the time they should last.

The ideal scenario is that the agenda should begin with the items that require a decision. This helps prevent the board from running out of time and helps them get through the most important issues before the meeting concludes. Action items and concrete data at the top of the agenda keep board members from getting caught up in minutiae that are not essential to the organization.

After the board has completed its old business the board can then think of new ideas for the organization. This can include anything from new projects that help with fundraising and outreach, to new ways of engaging donors and members. Be sure to set aside enough time for discussion and debate.

This is the time for board members to announce special announcements, give shout-outs, thank each other, and do other fun things that aren’t covered in the other items on their agenda. It’s also an excellent time to suggest ideas for the next meeting agenda. After all the discussion has been completed and documented, the board chair officially closes the meeting by thanking everyone for their participation and informing them when the next one will be. The meeting secretary will then document the official conclusion of the meeting in the minutes.






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