Getting the Most Out of Your Board Meeting Agenda

Making the most of every board meeting starts with an effective agenda. An agenda keeps participants on track, halts off-topic discussions and ensures the most important issues are covered.

The first item of the agenda is usually the review of the minutes from the previous meeting. This is done to remind attendees of prior discussions and draw their attention to any issues that remain unresolved.

The next part is the overall picture, in which you’ll discuss your accomplishments at a high-level. This could include milestones accomplished as well as company development and goals for the future. This is an excellent place to get feedback and discuss new ideas with your co-directors.

The board then goes over the key performance indicators of the organization. It could be anything from sales and financials to customer support policies. It’s also a good moment to set the next quarterly goals for the company and brainstorm how to get around any current obstacles to reaching these goals.

After all the major issues have been discussed The board can move on to any other issues that require to be addressed. This is the perfect time to give congratulatory messages or any other special recognitions for individuals or committees who have achieved success. The board will then end the meeting by giving a date for the next one and any other tasks that need to be completed before then.






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