What Is Meeting Management Software?

Meeting management software is broad term that describes any software that assists teams to organize effective meetings. These tools are particularly helpful for remote teams, as they can automate the pre-meeting process and streamline scheduling, as well as ensure the attendance of attendees and keep meeting minutes. They can also be used to manage collaboration and workflow management.

Many of the best tools for meeting management have direct integrations with popular applications like team messaging platforms and CRMs. They also integrate directly with task management software, video conferencing tools, and other tools. These integrations ease adoption, so teams can begin using them as soon as they are ready and can concentrate on completing their work.

It can be a hassle and time-consuming to organize, schedule and plan meetings. Double bookings, missed appointments and non-productive discussions can adversely affect productivity. A well-designed tool for managing meetings can reduce these problems and provide a number of other benefits.

A few of the best meeting management software tools include templates that are specifically designed to accommodate different types of meetings. These templates guide meeting organizers through the standard steps and procedures for each kind of meeting, making it a breeze to start. This can save significant amounts of time and effort in the end.

A well-organized system for tracking and managing action items is vital to the success of the meeting. Many tools, like Fellow, allow teams to post and share meeting agendas publicly before the meeting, making it simple for team members to view and discuss the agenda. These tools can also help in the management of documents after meetings by providing a central place for notes and documentation. Other tools, such as Score can be utilized to record and distribute meeting minutes in a structured manner.







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