The Importance of Organization and Management

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Management and organization are vital to the operation of any club, business or non-profit. They ensure that people working as a team or group complete their tasks in a consistent and orderly manner. This is accomplished through planning organizing, coordinating and staffing. Managers are also charged with setting goals and holding employees accountable to get work completed.

Planning is the initial step in implementing organizational management. It involves setting goals in identifying opportunities and issues and determining the steps needed to overcome these. It also involves assessing the current state of the business, setting policies and procedures that ensure future growth and that all the resources required are available.

The process of organizing involves arranging the various components of an organization and assigning them roles. It is the result of a comprehensive evaluation of financial, human, and machine resources. It also involves the division of tasks into departments and delegating authority to them. Its aim is to make optimum use of the resources, eliminate redundancy and inefficiency, establish reporting relationships, and facilitate the achievement of the organizational goals.

It is important to note that organizational structures may differ greatly from one company to the next. The structure will depend on various factors, including the size of the business and the industry it is operating in, as well as the preferences and styles of the managers. The type of structure chosen will also impact the scope of control. This is the amount of subordinates a manager can oversee.






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