The Contract Management Process

The process of managing contracts is the strategy, techniques and philosophies employed by companies to improve their contracting procedures. From ensuring that contract obligations are being met and reporting on contract data There’s a lot that is involved in managing contracts, especially after they’ve been drawn up and signed.

The process of managing contracts can be broken down into the following stages:

1. Contract Drafting

Contracts are essential in the conduct of business and also the setting of boundaries in relationships. However, the contracting process can be tedious and time-consuming that can cause delays and obstacles. Modern technology has made it much easier. Digital collaboration, automated reviews and monitored changes have cut down on contract timeframes for drafting significantly. In addition the use of specialized software for managing contracts such as JAGGAER Contracts can reduce manual errors through auto-generation.

2. Contract Negotiation

The next step in the process of contract management is to negotiate the terms and conditions. This is a difficult, cross-departmental endeavor and often involves different versions of the contract. The aim is to come to an agreement that is mutually agreeable and meets the needs of both parties and is in line with commercial and legal policy. Contract management software can help speed up the contract drafting and negotiation process by offering users approved templates clauses, clauses, and other approved language. It can also automate and simplify the review and approval process by facilitating digital collaboration and allowing teams to submit reviews from any location anytime. It’s also simple to use e-signatures in CPQ to speed up the execution process that has been proven to reduce the time it takes to complete contracts by as much as 80 percent.






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