Best Free Antivirus VPN Reviews

With a combination of malware scanners and a VPN, this top antivirus-vpn suite provides the full suite of digital security services. The free plan is a great choice for users. results in independent testing and is extremely effective. It also detects zero-day threats and widespread malware. NordVPN includes split tunneling, kill buttons and the no-logs policy, which protects privacy.

This complete suite includes impressive features at a reasonable price which include an app privacy scanner, Wi-Fi scanner, and remote data wipe tools. It is able to run a scan on multiple devices at one time and has excellent rates of detecting malware. It is simple to use and great for families with multiple devices that require protection.

Avira is our top choice for antivirus and a good choice for Android security due to its impressive performance in hands-on testing and lab tests. Its free version provides real-time protection and an antivirus scanner, and its premium version comes with a password manager and a VPN with a 100MB daily limit.

Avast is a top choice for antivirus and is a good choice for Android. It has proven impressive results in detecting malware and does not give false positives. The free version is lightweight, easy to use, and comes with a range of security tools, such as phishing detection, a Wi-Fi scanner and a privacy scanner. It’s also available in a subscription version with unlimited data usage and additional tools for preventing theft as well as parental controls and a password manager.

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