Is 360 Security Legit?

Qihoo 360, the full name 360 Security Technology Inc., is a Chinese company that has been around since the year 2014. Its 360 Total Security is an antivirus program combined with maintenance-optimization tools, all of which are designed to make your computer run faster and smoother. It also includes an assortment of anti-theft tools and other useful tools for mobile devices.

The interface is easy to use and clear. Many settings are easy to access and can be controlled with large buttons, switches, or checkmarks. The software is also relatively light, meaning it won’t affect the performance of your computer during an entire scan.

Through testing, we have discovered that 360 Total Security can be very effective in preventing ransomware attacks. The software’s built-in ransomware protection blocks any changes in files and comes with a decryption tool that you can use to retrieve encrypted files. This is a fantastic feature as no antivirus program can protect your PC 100% even if you’re a risky user online.

The suite comes with some useful features, including its Sandbox. This lets you test suspicious software in a virtual environment without impacting your device. Another feature is Document Protector, which safeguards documents in real time and allows you to create regular backups of your important files. The program has a few excellent anti-theft tools, such as Intruder Selfie or App-Block. These tools do not include GPS tracking or remote access control.

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