Collaborate on Projects & Centralize Documentation With the Power of the Infinite Whiteboard

Collaborate on projects & centralize documentation by making use of the endless whiteboard. Centralize ideas in an ever-expanding workspace that allows you to zoom in on details, track changes in real-time using cursors that have participant names, add a variety of multimedia files. You can also integrate a powerful video conferencing & chat solution.

Explore new possibilities using innovative features that are designed specifically for digital workshop facilitation. Work on an endless whiteboard with all the classic board features like sticky notes, digital pens lines, shapes, etc. Integrate existing documents, upload or record images and videos, sketch an outline or low-fidelity prototype, make use of a built-in camera to capture your screen, use an alarm clock for digital workshop sessions, and much more.

Rich media formats allow students to participate. Students can participate by posting pictures, videos, gifs, and text to a collaborative board. Students can “Like’ responses that resonate with their own, and also comment on individual postings.

You can also assign a user an individual pulse on the Collaborate Board within the Teacher dashboard. They will receive a notification if others click the pulse. It’s easy to share a board and the associated edits to anyone using the free app, Freeform, provided they’re online and have signed in using their Apple ID, have iCloud enabled in their settings and have two-factor authentication enabled. The changes will then be transferred to iCloud in real time, ensuring that everyone’s working on the identical version of the board.






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