Antivirus Performance Comparison

When selecting an antivirus program security experts and consumers alike consider many factors besides the program’s capabilities to protect. Cost impacts on systems compatibility, usability, and personal judgement regarding the practices of a company can all be significant factors that influence the decision to choose an antivirus program.

Avira located in Germany is a good choice for anyone looking for an antivirus suite that provides excellent test results. They also provide the option of monthly billing. Avira’s antivirus program is incredibly good. lab scores across every category and comes with numerous useful features such as a password manager. Avira’s scans have a light background effect and are not very resource-intensive. However, the speed drop is quite substantial at 53%, which is one of the highest in our tests.

It’s hard to pick the top free AV software because many of our top choices have some drawbacks. Kaspersky can slow down your computer by as much as 53% because of its hefty background effect, whereas Avast is only slightly slower at 44 percent. Bitdefender on the other hand, has a great free version, as well as a robust subscription AV solution that has top independent testing lab scores. Its feature set includes the VPN and is vast, which makes it stand out among the other alternatives.

F-Secure is the highest-rated paid antivirus program. McAfee Total Protection and Trend Micro Internet Security are also highly evaluated. While Microsoft Defender, which is built right into Windows 10 and 11, has a fairly light post-installation background impact at only 9%, it’s also vulnerable to slowdowns that are severe during full system scans.






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